Investing in a truck and trailer and loading it with a customer’s goods can potentially mean sending a new driver out on the road with around £250,000 in company assets.



To help protect your assets we offer pre-employment driver assessments to ensure you have a good understanding of a new driver’s skills and capabilities before employing them and sending them out on the road. This may also have insurance benefits if you inform your insurance company that your drivers are assessed prior to employment.

In addition we carry out post-incident driver assessments for drivers who have been involved in a road traffic incident whilst at work to assess whether they are still capable to drive safely after an incident and help ensure any errors are not repeated.


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Carmichael Training are here to help you with Driver Assessments (Pre-employment and Post-incident Driver Assessments). Getting the right qualification is a must for certain jobs and we are on hand to help inform you of every aspect.

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